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Soulful Healing Of Your Sacred Feminine Cycle

A 5-Month Program of 12 One-Hour Fertility Coaching Sessions

Chances are, if you are reading this right now, you're a woman going through:

                   -> Painful, Irregular Cycles

                   -> Weight, body and facial hair that are causing you social anxiety

                   -> Terrible PMS like mood swings, acne, painful breasts

As women we're told we have to ‘cope’ with any distress without bringing attention to ourselves. This is ‘part of being born as a woman’.

We're made to feel like our bodies are foreign to us. We feel out of control, at the mercy of our hormones, never knowing whether we’ll be full of energy or feeling like an emotional wreck. We give our power away to another box of chocolates, curling up in a ball, exhausted and aching. 

Our female bodies seem like a true enigma. Our energy levels, moods, emotions and physical health are constantly changing. These changes can feel disorientating and frustrating.

But what’s worse is there seems to be little support or acknowledgement of this reality. We’re supposed to just ignore it all and carry on regardless.  

Over the course of a cycle, we undergo these shifts and cycles Whether ovulating or bleeding, struggling with Pre Menstrual Syndrome or conception, our bodies, our energy levels, our sense of self, even our abilities are constantly shifting each and every day. And yet nobody talks about it.

Women are expected to be the same, day in, day out. As girls we may have been taught to look out for our first blood and told what sanitary products to use. But after that: silence. Hide it, ignore it...and make sure no one notices.

And so we think we must be a little crazy as we experience these massive fluctuations every month...

The 3 essential aspects to nurture your mind, body and spirit...


A Stress-Free Diagnosis

You're probably terrified to get an official medical diagnosis because of the implications. What if you have Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome and your OB/GYN says you might never be able to conceive on your own?

However dire your situation seems to be, I promise you, its not as bad as you think.

In this first module I’ll walk you through your personal diagnosis and give you options about why it shouldn't be so scary.

In fact, after the first month, you’ll even feel relieved to face your current situation head on.

You’ll understand how your cycles are working. What's out of balance and how to chart your cycles. You’ll use this awareness to begin working in harmony with the body rather than against it.


Light, Fit and Energized

Would you like to silence the noisy inner critic that nags you about food and your body so you can get on with your LIFE?

How about waking up in the morning feeling energized, CONFIDENT, focused, and ready to take on the world and look good doing it?

Become aware of what’s been holding you back from “figuring this out on your own”. Gain traction, bust through old patterns, and finally get leaner, fitter, vibrant and energized because let’s face it… if it was that simple you would have done it by now, right?

In this module we'll get to grips with the physical aspects of your problem including environmental influences, food and the body.


Spirituality and Higher Consciousness

Any dis-ease also has an emotional component. Women can hold trauma, anger and fear in the uterus which interrupts cycles and can cause infertility.

Become aware of what you are holding onto in your uterus and clear the blocks.

How about clearing your energy blocks to have well balanced energy, emotions and health?

Learn how to enter a sensory heaven with colors, sounds and patterns that indicate your energy is shifting to a higher frequency.

In this module we'll work on the emotional aspects of your problem including any limiting beliefs around your cycle, fertility. You will also understand your energy patterns and ways to keep it balanced every single day.


The Moon Cycle Coach

Since the birth of my daughter, I got certified as a Holistic Health Coach. I'm also completing certifications to be a Holistic Health and a Naturopathic Practitioner. I have a passion for helping women experience their soulful healing of their sacred feminine cycle just like I did.

Latha Prabhakar

My Story...

My cycles were getting worse after I got married. My doctor suggested I might have PCOS. I didn’t want to do the test because I was scared to get the diagnosis. I knew PCOS was incurable and symptoms included infertility. This diagnosis had the power to rob me of my sense of purpose and make me “less of a woman”. I delayed the inevitable, because deep down I knew I had PCOS.

When I didn’t get my period for sometime, I was cranky, irritable, angry and hated myself. I started finding comfort in chocolates. I got acne, facial hair and gained 20lbs in 4 months. I was so miserable and felt so ugly that it took a toll on my intimate relationship with my husband.

I was never further away from conceiving at that point in my life. After waiting for 6 months, I bit the bullet and saw my GP. I was officially diagnosed with PCOS and my worst fears were confirmed. The doctors told me I would probably be infertile for life. She put me on the pill for 6 months and referred me to a reproductive endocrinologist for help with conceiving. Then I watched the movie “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” and went back to see my GP.

As I walked out the GP clinic having received the diagnosis I dreaded, I suddenly had an epiphany. If a healthy lifestyle gave Joe Cross what he needed to heal his body, then surely I could also do the same and heal my own fertility issues. 

I made a drastic lifestyle change. One morning I quit sugar cold turkey and followed a strict natural healthy diet and lifestyle. Finally, I conceived naturally in May 2013, exactly 15 months after I had my first epiphany! Then sadly, after 2 months, I miscarried. Around the same time, my grandmother died but I couldn’t attend the funeral because I was recovering from my miscarriage. So I suffered a double loss. I was still feeling lost, confused and stressed. That’s when I realised something else missing.

There’s so much conflicting information out there and I was confused about what I needed to do to have a successful pregnancy. Then I had my second epiphany. I needed to focus on settling my emotions and improve the energy flow in my body. I began going deeper into the spiritual realm. I stopped focusing on what I’d lost. I realized how much trauma women carry in their wombs.

14 months into my spiritual journey, I knew intuitively I was pregnant before even having a pregnancy test! I had my first child on the same day as my miscarriage. Not only that, I had super high energy levels, I felt happy, peaceful, healthy and connected to Spirit. I was active right until I gave birth. Then I had a beautiful home birth. My daughter is now 3 years’ old and she’s happy, healthy, kind, highly intuitive and so connected to me.

What my clients are saying:

A beautiful moment... An amazing feeling!!

We were having trouble conceiving our child. We found out that I am having issues with smaller eggs and PCOS. Doctor put me on fertility medicine and on birth control pills for some cycles to reduce the cyst. But after all that and couple of failed IUI cycles, I decided to work with Latha.

At first we worked on diet such as organic food items, cut down on carbs and I got the momentum. Then we worked on the lifestyle changes, spirituality and energy. Then we got the news we were expecting our first child. It was a beautiful moment, an Amazing feeling! Latha was the first person I shared the news with.

Throughout this journey, I was in constant touch with Latha. She was always present with her precise text/voice messages to my questions/concerns. It never felt like we were far away. 

It was a privilege to know a very thoughtful, caring, knowledgeable powerhouse of a coach. Latha, surely I cant thank you enough!

-J.S., Houston

Regular Menstrual Cycles

I am a happy-go-girl with minimal issues to deal with. From the onset of my menstrual cycle, I started suffering with irregular cycles to an extent that i had to rely on medicines to have the cycle and to pause also. I was too sensitive to dust hence allergic to it.

With these issues, I approached Latha who suggested me to reduce weight, to stop consuming all gluten, dairy products and to do more work-outs. She recommended me with few herbal supplements.

All these were so effective and predominant that within 3 months, my cycles became more periodic, allergies have reduced and I have reduced good amount of weight.
I feel all more active and energetic.

- Soumya K, India 

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5 - Month Online Program

=>  Soulful Healing of Your 

       Sacred Feminine Cycle

       coaching program


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3-month instalment plan 


5 - Month Online Program

=>  Soulful Healing of Your

       Sacred Feminine Cycle

      coaching program


=> Unlimited email support during business hours

=>  Your own unique online program

=>  Monthly group coaching call

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